Happy Passover

the JMC Team

Balcea Quartet

Thursday 29.5.14 at 8:30 pm, YMCA

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Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra


  • Due to illness of the violinist,

    the Jerusalem Quartet concert will take place on Saturday 22.2 at 8:30 pm (instead of thursday 20.2).

  • Congratulations to the winners of The Aviv competition

    Daniel Aizenshtadt, Daniel Borovitzky and Gal Raviv- Graduates of the Outstanding young musicians programs of the JMC.

  • On the occasion of the JMC's 40 years of activity,

    alongside concerts from the current season of Youth at the Centre concert series we will broadcast selected concerts from previous seasons, featuring a variety of artists and programs. The concerts will be brought to you via The Voice of Music (Kol HaMusica) radio station on a biweekly broadcast, Friday at 12 pm.

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